Why Do I Still Have To Explain #BlackLivesMatter To Other White People? | john pavlovitz

  Originally posted on “Stuff That Needs To Be Said”

Again, John Pavlovitz puts into such eloquent words exactly what I would like to say if I had this gift in the measure he is blessed with. #BlackLivesMatter because we, as a society, do not consistently behave as if this is true. Until we do we need this as a steady, constant reminder. The events and revelations of the past couple of days make that starkly and sadly clear once again.  – Jeff



I don’t know why we still need to do this, but sadly we do.


It’s okay to say it, white people. You should say it. You need to say it.

This is not an outrage competition. It is not a chance for you to roll out a laundry list of the things that upset and burden you. It is about one very specific reason for outrage.

It is not a tit-for-tat hashtag war where you insert any other people group in response, somehow illustrating your righteous position on equality for everyone to see.

It is not about all lives, it is about the lives of people of color in a country with a well documented history of systematic and individual discrimination against them.

It is about a power charged with protecting and serving all people, becoming an instrument of continued oppression of and violence toward a select group of them, by those wielding that… (Read entire post on johnpavlovitz.com)

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