Moving To New Digs

Time For A Change 

Change is a good thing.  It’s not always easy, and when one is packing up boxes and planning for a move into a new place one frequently finds stuff buried in boxes long forgotten, perhaps even since the last move.

For reasons I will expand on once DPS gets “unpacked” I’m moving this blog to a new hosting provider.  Along with the move comes some new capabilities not supported on the current platform, a refreshed look, and the ability to update and add content more easily (which hopefully means more frequently as well.)

The beginnings of the new DPS, which I have been working on for the last several weeks is already up.  The “painters” are finishing their work and the “electric” should be turned on soon.  I’m still wondering about importing existing content from this blog to the new place.   The jury is still out on that.  What I can tell you is there will be some not-so-subtle changes in focus moving forward.

As I have watched what passes for political debate, and have participated in that dialog here and elsewhere, I’ve become increasingly disturbed by the degree to which we have become two countries – divided by our political identities.  It has become so ugly that many of us are cut off from family members and longtime friends over partisan differences.

Expect to see more of what is shared on DPS touch on how we move past this troubling tide.

Stay tuned . . .


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