Note: If you came here because of a persistent link relating to the clever and very funny song by Carrie Newcomer of the same title, that site was discontinued several years ago.   You can listen to the song on her website HERE*  – It is the last track on the album



While this blog is not directly related to that particular song, the idea that remembering to think before one sends a message, posts on a blog, tweets, or updates ones Facebook status is something that should be on the list of lessons that are a parental imperative in today’s world.  There are others as well, and I hope to explore them here.

This site is an outlet for some of my thoughts on the world today, particularly what is happening in the public sphere in the realm of social media, society . . . and those things your mother may have told you never to discuss . . .  politics and religion.


I’m a guy . . .  a funny, kind, and I think sort of interesting guy who was born in a small town in southern New Hampshire in the mid ’50s,  Rather than going to college when I graduated from high school, I got a job that involved driving all over the United States in a van filled with test equipment and doing technical presentations at what we used to call “Hi Fi” shops back in the mid 1970s.  The thought was that I would someday go back to college and earn some sort of technical degree.

But sometimes life gets in the way of such plans.

Through a set of those interesting twists and turns of how things work out I find myself in central Connecticut where by day I work as an IT professional developing communications and other technology solutions for organizations ranging from mom-and-pop businesses to governmental organizations and multinational corporations.

Raised as a Roman Catholic, for the last 30 years I have been a Unitarian Universalist, very active in my congregation.

My social and political views are what I would call “pragmatically progressive”.  Rather than try to explain that, I’ll just let you read what I write here.  Hopefully you will respond and we can have a conversation about what this might mean.

I live with my partner of 35+ years and two of the sweetest golden retrievers you will ever meet named “Kalani” and “Tucker”.


Thoughtful comments are always welcome, as is debate . . .  but let’s keep it to an exchange of ideas, shall we?  All comments are moderated before publishing and those containing offensive language, hate speech, or personal attacks on others will be relegated to the great bit-bucket in the sky.



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