If it is not clear enough to everybody by now, we need to regulate firearms.  A suggestion that has been made is that the very least we treat them the same way we treat automobiles.

This sounds like a good start to me.

Each time ownership of an automobile changes a certificate of title is issued and recorded and the vehicle is registered to the new owner.  There is no loophole if you buy a car at a car-show or an auction.  There is no loophole or exception for cars sold by a private individual.  At the very minimum it should be the same with guns.

When an automobile owner moves from one state to another the title and registration in the former state of residence is surrendered, and a new title and registration is issued.  At the very minimum it should be the same with guns.

When a person wants to drive a motor vehicle, they need a license.  In order to obtain that license, they need to be trained and pass both a written and practical test.  The more complex and potentially hazardous the vehicle they wish to operate (tractor-trailer, taxi, bus, special purpose vehicle, etc.) the more demanding the training and testing requirements.   At the very minimum it should be the same for those who wish to own a gun.

In order to maintain one’s license to drive one must be in good enough health to do so safely, and must not have any condition that would impair the safe operation of a vehicle.  If a person develops a condition that calls this into question, they must surrender their right to drive until such time as they are certified fit to safely operate a vehicle once again.  At the very minimum it should be the same for those wishing to possess a firearm.

When one owns a motor vehicle, one is required to maintain liability insurance to cover damage done to the property or person of someone who might be injured by the improper operation of the vehicle.  The cost of the insurance varies with the risk profile of the owner and the risk profile of the vehicle.  More risk, more cost.  If your insurance lapses, your registration and right to operate the vehicle is revoked.  At the very minimum this should be how we treat firearms.

Every two years most states require that vehicles are inspected for safety and compliance.   At the very least this should be the same for firearms.

In short my friend, there are some extremely good parallels that can be drawn here.

Not perfect, but it would be a start.

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