Yes, here we are again.

Another mass shooting, at last count almost 60 are dead, and hundreds are wounded.  Unbelievably it all is starting to become routine.  The inevitability of these events is becoming routine.  The media hysteria and non-stop replay of cell-phone video of the massacre is becoming routine.  The calls from gun opponents to do something in the immediate aftermath is becoming routine.  The responses of gun-rights advocates are becoming routine.  The speculation of whether the shooter was aligned with some international terrorist organization, some right-wing cause, some left-wing cause, “their side”, “some side”, or any side, as long as it’s “the other side” . . . all of this is becoming routine.

There have been stupid, insensitive public remarks by people who should know better, and of course the endless stream of requests for “thoughts and prayers.”  This too, is becoming routine, and if prayer helps you cope, so be it.  The fact is, until we as a nation decide that we are not going to sit around waiting for the next deranged individual with an arsenal of assault weapons and an axe to grind to reach the breaking point, it’s only a matter of time.

Let’s not pretend that we as a nation are suddenly going to come to our senses and get serious about restricting private ownership of assault weapons or any other firearms.  If the massacre of 21 six-year old children in Newtown Connecticut didn’t get us there the only logical conclusion is that we really don’t care about anything more than our supposed right to equip ourselves with firepower designed for no other purpose than the mass slaughter of our fellow human beings.  If Newtown didn’t do it, we’re just too stupid and selfish for anything to do it.  This is just how it’s going to be.  We might as well get used to it.

And for God’s sake please knock off searching for some way of using this atrocity or stupid things said by politicians or celebrities about this act of unspeakable brutality to bolster your political agenda, whatever that agenda is.  Don’t blame Republicans, or Democrats, or Liberals, or Conservatives, or whatever group you think causes all of the problems in this country.  An unhinged person with bottled-up anger issues and no sense of empathy for his fellow human beings decided to take out his pent-up rage on a crowd of thousands of strangers. 

We’re all to blame because we are just going to ignore the obvious and sit on our hands until the next time it happens, then we will pull our hands out from under our rear-ends, wring them again, pray for the victims and survivors, look for someone else to blame, and when all is said and done we’ll stick our hands back under our respective butts and go on doing the same old thing which is essentially nothing.

Lather, rinse, and repeat.

The answer is obvious.  We’ve just got to get pissed enough.  Newtown didn’t do it.  Orlando didn’t do it.  Virginia Tech didn’t do it, and Las Vegas isn’t going to do it either.

How bad does the next one have to be?

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