Welcome to the new and improved “Don’t Push Send”

I’m still in the process of rolling out the new site, but most of the existing content from the original DPS is now here.  There will be new features, and opportunities for those who would like to contribute to this blog in the near future.  I’m updating the “About” section as I work on a new direction for the blog.  You can read it below, or Go Directly To the Blog Page.

Please come back frequently as the new site takes shape.

Thanks for visiting Don’t Push Send.

About “Don’t Push Send”

Several years ago I found myself moderating a “flame war” that had exploded on a mailing list for which I was the moderator.  I don’t remember the subject, who the belligerents were, or what the outcome was, but as is the case of most such imbroglios someone said something to which someone took offense, and that person replied with a comment that ignited the fire. Others  quickly jumped in with additional fuel, and still others decided to fan the flames.  Soon all reason was lost, and everybody involved was focused on proving they were right. 

In the midst of all of this I heard a song written and performed by Carrie Newcomer called, “Don’t Push Send”, a humorous look at the damage done by the medium of communication known as “electronic mail”.  At the time she maintained a site with this domain name to which contributors offered examples of disastrous email exchanges.  Eventually that site was abandoned and as I was working on the original idea for this blog I found out that the domain was available.  

Don’t Push Send was born.

Since then this site has been through many changes.  My original intent was to explore the way that technology in general and the internet and social media is changing the way we live and communicate with each other.  Then came the Presidential Campaign of 2016 which changed everything, and despite my best intentions Don’t Push Send became far more political than I had ever intended it to be.


Fast-forward to August of 2017.  With the exception of a few posts here and there, DPS had been on hiatus since the election of Donald Trump.  It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say, as those who follow me on Facebook are well aware.  I’ve made a number of changes here both conceptual and structural, and I expect to make this a far more lively place going forward.

Stay tuned.