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Having landed here I assume you found me via something I tweeted, re-tweeted, mentioned, someone I was mentioned by . . .   in other words – you came from the Twitter-verse.

Welcome . . . here’s a little more about me than will fit on a Twitter profile.

Who is UUMJeff?

I am a 60-ish guy living in central Connecticut, which for those not entirely familiar with US geography is in the Northeastern part of the country – I live about halfway between Boston and New York City.  I work in the field of information technology, helping businesses implement network and communications solutions aligned to their needs.  I live with my partner of 35+ years and our Golden Retrievers named “Kalani” and “Tucker” – both adopted through rescue.

What Do I Tweet and Write About?

Lots of things . . . but particularly things I care about.  I’m a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation (thus the “UU” in my handle) and as one might expect I tend to be rather progressive in my political and social outlook.  Much of what you will see me write about includes social justice topics such as

  • Speaking out about the pervasive racism baked into our culture.
    • (Note: I’m a middle-class white guy, fully aware that I’m part of the culture of privilege that perpetuates oppression)
  • Doing something about the violence tearing our society apart . . . especially the love affair so many have with firearms.
  • Persecution of religious minorities like the growing violence aimed at Muslims and others who are not understood.
  • Advancing the cause of full equality for sexual minorities
  • Climate change.  Yes it’s real, yes we are causing it, and yes we still can do something about it . . . but not for much longer.
  • Politics  (did I mention I tend to be a bit left leaning?)
  • Clever humor
  • Not so clever human stupidity
  • Cute animal pictures  (Hey, this is social media, isn’t it?)

I re-tweet and mention things I find interesting, and follow people I find interesting.

Will I follow You?

Sure – if you are interesting and have something to add to the conversation.  Typically if I find a reason to “like” a few of your tweets I will probably follow you, especially if you follow me.

My Block Policy

Pretty straightforward:  I will block any account that follows / messages me if. . .

  • The account is substantially about porn (of any variety).   No, I’m not a prude – I’m just not interested.
  • The account posts or RTs are overtly racist or attacks / advocates violence or discrimination against any group of people based on their identity.
  • The account promotes or makes light of any form of sexual abuse – particularly the abuse of children.
  • The account user cannot engage in civil discourse.  There is a line between spirited disagreement and abusive hate-filled rhetoric.  If you can’t tell the difference I really don’t want to talk to you.

I will mute or unfollow those feeds that become a source of spam or create piles of annoying tweets that I have to scroll past several times a day.  Twitter’s “promoted” advertising is annoying enough,

What’s This “Don’t Push Send” Blog About?

Pretty much the same stuff as my Twitter feed – just more verbose . . . when I have the time.  DPS is in its infancy – I’m still developing the concept. That being said, you are welcome to join in extended discussion here on any of my posts.  Comments are moderated and essentially the same rules apply.

Check out some of my posts, and I hope to see you on Twitter!